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In 2018, when  visionary John Fitz - Chatman's faith ignited him to start  OMG, he saw a highly flawed multifamily industry that was more focused on assets than the  people who resided in them. He envisioned the need for an industry leader, a opulent company that operated with the highest integrity and character in delivering world-class services to residents, property owners and investors in multifamily real estate. He said, OMG! .” With a winning strategy and a people focused company, OMG could set out to meet that need -- guided by the mission of enriching the lives we touch by doing things the right way.

Soon destiny aligned John with Deborah Bly and Karen Little (both Remax Realtor & Broker) which would be the thrust of momentum OMG needed to become a leading company in a thriving profitable multifamily market. 


OMG has learned what’s important to people when it comes to a place to call home and the services that enhance the living experience. And that’s why we put our heart and soul into providing beautiful living environments. We’re thankful for this privilege and take deep pride in knowing that our homes are a place where residents celebrate life’s important moments with friends and family.

We’ve also put our heart and soul into building our company by hiring the best people in the business. We believe one major investment whether in people or properties, will save us a lifetime of labor. 

How we raise the standard 

At OMG, we care about our people, personnel, partners, and of course our properties -- and it shows. We didn’t set out to be the biggest, only to be the best. Our focus on people, genuine relationships, and shared values has created a unique and defining company culture.

Every day, we work together to make a difference. These interactions form a distinct experience that we’re known for, and that people have come to expect from OMG, and we demand of ourselves.


We know every property owner desires to have their properties represented on a 5 star level at all times. In order to do so requires the property to be effectively managed in what we call focus area: Occupancy, Maintenance, Amenities, Marketing, and Community.

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